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Upsala IF Friidrott

About us

Glädje, Gemenskap, För alla, Utvecklas tillsammans

Happiness, Solidarity, For everyone, Develop together

How it started

Upsala IF Friidrott was founded in 1905, but funny enough, under a different name, Allmänna Idrottsklubben. Since our predecessors chose a name already occupied by a club in northern Stockholm we had to change it to become members in the Swedish National Sports Federation (Riksidrottsförbundet). Therefore, the name Upsala IF first came to light in 1907.

For the first 100 years, only 50-200 members trained in the athletics section, but this significantly changed in 2016 when the indoor facility, IFU Arena, was built. Ever since, we have had between 900-1200 members and around 150 coaches, actively training in the club.

During our soon 120 years in the sport, we have had 2 olympic medalists:

Bertil Albertsson, London 1948, 10 000 m, Brons
Armand (Mondo) Duplantis, Tokyo 2021, Pole Vault, Gold

…and 4 participants in the World Championships:

Mikael Olander, Rome 1987, Decathlon, 15th
Vanessa Kamga, Doha 2019, Discus, Qualification
Armand (Mondo) Duplantis, Doha 2019, Pole Vault, Gold
Carolina Wikström, Eugene 2022, Marathon, 25th
Armand (Mondo) Duplantis, Eugene 2022, Pole Vault, Gold


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